All our collectibles are hand-numbered, limited edition and never reproduced.
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25,000 beads.
Each bead is sewn by hand.
4 pairs of hands to sew each coat.
8 colorways.
100 percent black silk lining.
Black beaded border.

This coat was made in collaboration with masters of the beading technique in India, known as the earliest established beaders.

197 days of workmanship.
Each coat is packed inside a made-to-measure garment bag and hung on an AOI engraved wooden hanger, delivered in a standing coat box.

Size guide

Each AOI coat is designed to stand the test of time. 


In a specially converted sizing range that merges two sizes into one, AOI coats are flexible in fit. As investment items, this fluid sizing ensures a timeless piece that has been engineered to last. 


For size conversions, please see our size guide. 

AOI Coat Size 1 = UK Size 6-8 

AOI Coat Size 2 = UK Size 10-12 

AOI Coat Size 3 = UK Size 14-16 

AOI Coat Size 4 = UK Size 18-20

-True to size. 


-Meant to be worn at any time, any day, anywhere. 

-Dry clean only.