All our collectibles are hand-numbered, limited edition and never reproduced.
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1284 Suede and Leather hand-cut triangles.
6 pairs of hands to assemble one coat.
4 days to assemble one area of the coat.
100 percent lambskin leather
100 percent suede.
100 percent silk lined.
5 leather covered buttons.
Each triangle is hand-cut individually and later on assembled to create the custom AOI patchwork pattern.

Each AOI coat combines time_less craftsmanship and sartorial hand finished techniques. Through a collaborative process, each coat is made with uncompromising attention to detail and time. Cut from 100% natural materials and fibers, tailored and assembled by the best in their field. 

This coat was handmade by a master leather unit in Empoli, Italy.

195 days of workmanship.
Each coat is packed inside a made-to-measure garment bag and hung on an AOI engraved wooden hanger, delivered in a standing coat box.

Size guide

Each AOI coat is designed to stand the test of time. 


In a specially converted sizing range that merges two sizes into one, AOI coats are flexible in fit. As investment items, this fluid sizing ensures a timeless piece that has been engineered to last.


For size conversions, please see our size guide. 

AOI Coat Size 1 = UK Size 6-8 

AOI Coat Size 2 = UK Size 10-12 

AOI Coat Size 3 = UK Size 14-16 

AOI Coat Size 4 = UK Size 18-20

-True to size.


-Meant to be worn at any time, any day, anywhere. 

-Dry clean only.