All our collectibles are hand-numbered, limited edition and never reproduced.
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Cashmere bouclé developed and knitted bespoke for AOI 
8 hands to make
4 yarns twisted together to create this exclusive textile
4 pockets 
9 press studs
3 knit tensions 
Style: Relaxed fit, low waisted boiler suit

Each AOI cashmere collectible merges luxury craftsmanship and time_less design. Using only the finest Cashmere fibers, this boiler suit is handmade to appreciate high quality materials and elevate classic knitwear styles that will last for generations. 

Drop 3 began as a material study in Cashmere. Starting with the first touch and connection with the raw fiber, our Creative Director drew on traditional knitwear codes and evolved them into something unique to AOI. Collaborating with master craftsmen in knitwear laboratories to develop exclusive, custom textures, textiles and other knits from pure cashmere.

This collectible was handmade by a knitwear laboratory in Gallarate, Italy.

238 days of workmanship.
Each cashmere collectible is packed carefully in our bespoke AOI packaging. We offer complimentary worldwide shipping.

Size guide

This unique collectible has a corset engineered from knitwear to stay body hugging. As it is a boiler suit, the trouser element is meant to sit low waisted.

Each AOI cashmere collectible is designed to stand the test of time.     

Due to the nature of knitwear, AOI cashmere is flexible in fit.  

As investment items, this fluid sizing ensures a timeless piece that has been engineered to last.      


AOI Size 1 = UK Size 6-8   

AOI Size 2 = UK Size 10-12  

AOI Size 3 = UK Size 14-16    


For size conversions, please see our size guide.

This unique collectible has a corset engineered from knitwear to stay body hugging. 

True to size.  

Meant to be worn at any time, any day, anywhere.   

Please refrain from hanging knitwear, fold instead to avoid the yarns from stretching.  

Dry clean only.