AOI's ethos revolves around sustainability and ethical practices. We have built a company that believes every step of the design process should create a positive impact. It starts from where the product is made and where the materials come from. AOI guarantees its products are of the highest quality and made from the finest methods. This is only possible through a vow to participate in a slower pace of production, with limited items. Just two product categories are available twice a year. 

Our sustainable practices include minimal-net carbon emissions, soy-based ink on packaging and collateral materials,  limited production of goods to avoid wastage, and ethically sourced materials. We also ensure all of our packaging is 100% recyclable, FSC certified and composed of acid-free compostable tissue-paper and cardboard. 

Finding local factories to work with is of the utmost importance. This makes it possible for our Creative Director to oversee every detail and maintain that no traditional fashion supply chain corruption occurs. We thoroughly research and develop our concepts, then venture to the place where the product is best known to originate. Transparency is at the forefront from start to finish. We hold that every aspect of the production chain is carefully examined to assure the best practices. 

AOI is devoted to quality over quantity creations, making impactful decisions that better the planet. Our team establishes a personal connection to each item by spending all the time needed to research and develop every aspect.

As a guarantee, all creatives and communities we come into contact with practice this ethos within their respected work environments. 


Object Journey for Drop 1:


Each AOI ring is handcrafted by a family-owned goldsmith and stone setting atelier. Made in Athens, Greece, this generational jeweller supplies all of our gold used in product creation. 

All 18 Karat gold used is FairTrade certified. 

Sapphires and Diamonds are certified in accordance with the Hallmarking Act 1973 and are sourced from Antwerp, Belgium. 


Every ring contains a high volume of purity, at 18 karat gold per article. 

The diamonds are at a clarity of F/VS.

All collectibles are packaged in a velvet AOI jewellery box, produced in Italy. 

Silk Suits:

All of our silk suits are carefully manufactured in a family-owned and run factory based in the UK. With great understanding of Britain’s renown offering of high-quality tailoring.

This manufacturing facility complies with all local labor and safety regulations. 

Compromising features such as mother-of-pearl buttons and napa leather detailing are locally sourced from London, United Kingdom. 

The silk twill fabrics are printed in the United Kingdom before heading straight to our factory in London. This nationally contained production circuit minimizes our transportation footprint. 


Each AOI silk suit is made from 100% silk twill. 

Loomed and woven in Italy.

Excess silk off-cuts are also upcycled into the production of 1 of 1 garments. Launching soon.

Mother-of-pearl buttons, a natural resource that is biodegradable and 100% plastic free originates from Australia, sourced from London.

All thread used in production is 100% cotton, made in Germany, sourced from London. 

Napa leather featured on the waist tie originates from Italy, sourced from London.