AOI is an acronym for ‘AN OCEAN of IDEAS’.

Just as the ocean is ceaselessly in motion, AOI is conceived as a multi-disciplinary design house that embraces a swell of ideas and rhythms, inspired by music, colors, textures and other enigmatic forms of art. A unique duo of products, made using exceptional materials and know-how, is dropped twice a year in limited edition runs; championing the quality, craft and time that it takes to make. Forming an archive from day one, AOI generates a gallery of collectible, wearable pieces of art, that also hang as abstract forms. 

The mission is guaranteed: to create objects of permanence, with no restocks, reproductions or re-releases. This enables the Design House to have full control over the quality and integrity of how each item is made. Inspired by the mysterious and powerful allure of the ocean, every concept weaves and flows with a multitude of ideas. No wave is alike. 

AOI praises unique, individual objects of art that can live on for generations.