Vision + Values

Micro Production. Twice a year, our London-based design house releases a new selection of handmade collectibles. Each work of art is hand numbered, limited-edition and never reproduced. Working alongside masters in their craft; skilled makers who have learnt their artistry from generations that came before them and use best-in-class materials, we ensure longevity. We want to preserve this art of global craftsmanship. Once sold out, our products become a part of our carefully-edited archive.


Small Footprint.  AOI’s collectables are made by hand in limited quantities. Because we value rarities, our desire is to create fewer pieces that leave a lasting impression. In this approach, we use less resources to create quality items that stand the test of time, minimising our environmental impact. Committed to controlling our eco-footprint, our modernized procedure of sustainable micro-production is a promise never to be broken from day 1. 


Bold Ideas. Sharp design, keen attention to detail, and perfected tailoring are the key elements of our wearable art.